Thursday, December 30, 2010

merry christmas!!

this entry is especially for my family....
and also to my friends that never had a chance to celebrate xmas..
why am i celebrating xmas??
it is because we are 1 malaysia...haha
no2, actually my family(mother side) is christian...that means my mom is christian b4, now she is muslim...
dont wanna talk much, but this is the most simple, happiest, and enjoyable chistmas..lets take a look for the pictures...

xmas morning!...the morning view of the xmas tree and the presents

my cousin,sister and me..just got up from sleep..preparing to clean the house and help grandma to cook!

xmas wont be perfect witout a TURKEY! its big and yummy....thnkz to aunty veera who prepared the turkey..

to to cut slice the turkey..its mum and grandpa there....
look at the HUNGRY me..haha...i got the turkey me..its big..and i didn't finish the whole thing...
 greedy ckin..

finish eating...its picture time! me and my closest cousin..dear dhanya..

aha....the macho mans...from the left, alwin,my bro iwan,jeremy..and my younger bro izzal...nice poss! 
family cousins, grandma and grandpa...

sweet memory...

why is it everybody looking at my mum? because....IT'S PRESENT TIME!! 

 the best part...(amytra tag line)
posing with the presents.....after collecting all the presents from mum,aunties, grandparents then only we will open all the presents..BUT!

 well, the snow cap is from me, grandpa got a keychain from dhanya, a pair of shoe from abah, and a old man decoration from elsi akka...and the best part is...(again amytra words) a perfume from izzal and boboy..:)
ohhh my lovely grandma with new purse, sliper, and house decorations..hope u like it..
my beautiful mum, with a plate set,bag,and a frame..

dhanya got a blue hand accessory, the blue one..a bag,and a handkerchive..
praveena posing with her presents..hope u like bag,fan,hat and the earrings..
this is amytra also possing withe her present...i guess she love her presents..look at her smile..:-D

my cute lil'sister..tasha got a teddy bear,hat,a legging and earings...

iwan, my bro...booklet,2 shirts and a blanket (which is wrapped in a shoe box) he is so excited when he saw the box, and laughed after he found out it was blanket..haha...he appreciate it so much..

my youngest cousin, alwin..but he is the most tallest...body spray,blanket, and a shirt that he wearing..

jeremy, twin of almost the same like alwin..

izzal, he got 2 marks and 2 of it is the shirts he is wearing now..dhanya bought the wrong jersey..izzal is chelsee fan..but when dhanya called my mum the day that she bought the jersey, my mum told her that izzal love arsnel...mum,jangan hentam je kalau xtau ok...dhanya its not ur fault...haha

last but not least, its me...i got a new pink purse from my lovely dhanya,a pair of pen, and a big spider necklace and a pink hand accessory..they know my favorite colour...TQ!
well...that is it..its a wonderful experience to celebrate more than one festival..not a family who has a mix blood like me only can celebrate all the festival..bare in mind that we are 1 malaysia..we also can enjoy all the festival no matter what religion you me, its fun..and the experience is important...

   salam..have a nice day!
 p/s: im still learning to perfect my english...:-)


kakak kiroro said...


teddyuna said...

ok dah! ha.... wa mksdnya u ni mix la ye? mesti best dpt smbut christmas

kakak kiroro said...

una, ya im indian blood la jugak..actually bukan xmas je yg i smbut, deepavali, and chinese new year pun i smbut..nnt i tulis entry pasal my big family..hehe

teddyuna said...

@kakak kiroro ye ker? wa.. mmng fun la.. nnti u buat rumah terbuka boleyh la i dtg ;)